Our mission

Welcome to Coenegrachts Stables.

The place where everything revolves around your personal wishes.

Do you want to improve your riding? Train and improve your horse further? Are you thinking of buying a horse? Do you wish to sell your current horse?

We can help you achieve your goals! And I emphasize especially “we”: a dedicated team that over the years has acquired a fount of experience on all fronts, a team that functions smoothly and efficiently, a team ready to carry out your wishes and help you realize your dreams. In short: Your goals are our goals!

To fulfil your personal ambitions we offer a unique framework in which to work and progress. You can count on: a superb infrastructure, perfection in feeding advice, top quality on-site training and coaching.
We provide every requirement so that you can focus for 100% on your goal.

Contact us and share your ambitions. Together we can achieve!

Jef Coenegrachts

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