Outdoor facilities

Our indoor accommodation provides everything necessary for us to guarantee you an optimal service.

But that is not all… Take a look at the outside areas of our yard. 

When you see this accommodation, you will be really eager to ride and train out of doors.

2 outdoor arenas

Two outdoor arenas are available for your use: one of 50 m x 70 m and one of 20 m x 60 m.

Just as with the indoor arena, the measurements of the outdoor arenas ensure that you can train in the correct size of an international ring.

The arenas are positioned centrally,  but in a quiet area. They are well lit so training is possible at all times of day.  

Like the indoor arena they also have an Ebb and Flow system to create the perfect riding surface.

Covered walker for six horses

For extra training or after riding, your horse can go in the walker, which is covered and well lit.

In the winter or during rainy periods, this is a real blessing!


We have a number of paddocks available for your use:

A sand paddock (15 m x 30 m) and 5 perfectly drained grass paddocks.

The horses can be turned out the whole year round.

Eventing: training and practice ground

At a distance of only two kilometers from our yard lies Minderhout’s eventing ground, available for training and practice.

Minderhout offers a large area with widely spaced fences and obstacles including hedges, water, drop fences, trakehners, etc..  You can train your horse for cross country  in a real cross tempo.

Bridle paths

During the training of any horse, walking or hacking out should not be underestimated. Your horse can relax in a natural environment (in the countryside).