Dressage instruction

At Coenegracht Stables dressage lessons are offered at all levels.

  • Ann gives dressage training both for beginners and also for slightly more advanced riders.
  • Pony riders are very welcome.
  • Simple language and clear explanations are the foundation stones of their lessons.
  • Jef trains riders with young horses and helps more advanced riders to achieve dressage level Z and higher.

Would you like to make steps forward in show jumping or eventing? We can assist you in this too. We have an extensive network of experts who can help you achieve progress.

Dressage clinics

Specialized training focusing on one specific topic: nothing is more worthwhile - and fun too -  as this.

We provide clinics which concentrate on one or more particular aspect of dressage such as: changes in tempo, the small details that make the perfect test, improving your sparkle and charisma in the ring, etc. 

After such a clinic you are aware of how to improve yourself and your horse, even in your home environment and later, at shows.

Dressage competitions - support at shows


You can ride your test perfectly at home!

Alas, only too often at shows it is not quite so perfect!

And that is very frustrating.

In this case, professional support at a show will be essential to a rider, to boost confidence and obtain a better result.

At the moment the rider has to perform, we become one team that deals with the stress. One team that radiates determination and confidence and disperses all obstacles in the path.

Jef Coenegrachts