At Coenegrachts Stables we have a simple message:

We provide optimal full service to help you with any requirements. This is clearly visible in our instruction and training, our accommodation and in the advice we give on all fronts.

Our advice carries no obligation.

Please contact us if you feel we can be of service in any area.

Purchasing a horse

You have an important decision to make: the purchase of a horse.

“What kind of horse is suitable for me or my rider? What can I expect from this particular young horse and what are its limitations? Should a veterinarian check my new horse?”

A great many questions will be going through your mind.

And indeed you should be asking these questions. You will be investing not only your money but also your time. That is why it is essential to consider every aspect of a potential purchase.

A professional is in a position to give you good advice.

If we can help in any way we will do it with pleasure.

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Selling a horse

You are selling your horse. A younger horse with potential, or perhaps a more experienced horse. In this too, our service can help you.

First of all, we can help you prepare your horse for the best possible sale,  correcting and improving it if and where necessary, or emphasizing its stronger points.

A well trained and well ridden horse will always sell more readily.

Furthermore, we have a wide network of people searching for the most suitable horse. We seek for the ideal match between your horse and a new owner.

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Feeding your horse

At Coenegrachts Stables we believe in feeding according to the requirements of the horse. We are not allied to one single feed supplier  and you have the freedom to choose your own feed combinations.

Sometimes owners have questions arising from changes in a horse’s outward appearance or behavior:  a dull coat, loss of weight, unwilling to work, easily tired, or alternatively over excitable.

You are very welcome to ask our opinion.  A simple solution whereby  feed or feeding is adjusted can spare you a great deal of trouble.

Expert advice

We guarantee you full service support.

In the first instance we rely on our own experience and expertise.

However if it becomes apparent that extra service is required we work together with you to find the right person to help you further.

Some examples:

  • You would like a new saddle
    Buying a saddle is comparable to buying a new armchair. What suits one person can be a nightmare for another. You must be in a position to try out all possibilities in order to make the right choice.
  • You are looking for a veterinarian
    Choosing a veterinarian is  similar to choosing a doctor.
    There is not one single perfect doctor for every person, and the same is true for veterinarians.  Trust, expertise and personality  will all influence your choice.  And in the long run contribute to the long-term well-being of your horse.
  • Is it the moment for a show-jumping coach, or an eventing trainer?
    Always select a person who suits you. Someone who matches you in level of riding, but also in character and philosophy.

Other areas in which we can advise on choice of experts: dentistry, physiotherapy, farrier etc.