Basic training for the young horse

We bring out the best in your young horse via a planned progression from breaking through all the stages until the first competition.

We ensure that your horse has a solid foundation for a future career.

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Dressage training for the horse

We could talk for hours about why dressage is one of the most exciting and beautiful sports in the world.  But words cannot really describe the feeling you experience when you achieve perfect harmony between horse and rider.

Take note however:  harmony does not just “happen”. It is the result of correct training and a great deal of hard work.

We raise the level of a horse’s performance step by step, but always within the capacity of its ability at that moment in time. We train the horse in new movements and correct errors.

Horses with a more difficult character are also welcome at our stables.  

Our training is in general aimed at:

  • Preparing your horse for sale
  • Preparing your horse for competition. You may wish to compete but do not yourself have the time for the preparation. We will do it for you!
  • Competing your horse: a member of our team will compete your horse for you


We do not train dressage horses only.
Show jumpers can be greatly improved with training in dressage.
For four years Jef rode the show jumpers of Jan Tops in the Netherlands in preparation for every competition.

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Why is dressage training necessary for a show jumper?

Coenegrachts Stables may create the impression of being exclusively aimed at dressage. Nothing could be further from the truth!

The importance of dressage training for show jumpers is nowadays generally recognized.

In the first place, the rider gains more control over the horse and the horse becomes softer in the mouth. In addition, it is more supple, its balance improves, and tempo changes can be carried out more quickly and easily.

Coenegrachts Stables invested in all necessary jumping facilities, so every show jumper will feel at home. In addition he or she can count on an optimal dressage based training.