Indoor facilities

Ready for an online preview of our indoor facilities?

If you wish to see our facilities for yourself, you are very welcome to visit us. We will show you round the complex with an entry permit in our hands.  This is essential to guarantee security and safety for our horses and riders.

If you are as enthusiastic about our complex as we are, you can instantly ”share“ it with friends and family. Our free WIFI is available for you and all our riders to use.

Stable facilities

We have 28 large, light and airy stables at our disposal, designed in such a way that every horse feels at home with us.

A few important points to note:

  • Our stables measure 3.7 m x 3.7 m, larger than average
  • Protected feedtroughs ensure that horses can eat undisturbed by others
  • Stables are mucked out every day
  • We feed 5 times per day
  • Constant camera supervision of the horses
  • Our stables are manufactured by Smulders ( a guarantee of top quality)

The areas around the stables have been planned with care for the comfort and safety of horse and rider: 

  • Wider corridors ensure that horses do not feel “boxed in”, and provide safety for horse and rider when passing one another
  • A central wash down bay per 8 stables ensures that horses are not moved from their normal environment unnecessarily and therefore remain calmer
  • A security system with badges for the entire complex
  • The best professional facilities to suit all requirements

Indoor riding arena

23m x 60m

Be sure to come and see our indoor arena. It is a beauty…

The measurements of the arena conform to a dressage ring of 20 m x 60 m: you can train to correct distances.

An Ebb and Flow system in the arena ensures the perfect riding surface.

3 tack rooms

The tack rooms are:

  • Spacious
  • Heated ( your leather will be grateful for this!)
  • Have automatic lighting ( you will appreciate this when both your hands are full! )
  • Contain a wash basin supplied with warm water
  • Are security protected by means of a badge

2 solariums

Has your horse had a tough training session, or has he been washed and needs to be dried off ?  No problem.

At Coenegrachts Stables we have 2 solariums, both adjustable in height.

3 double wash down areas

In our wash down areas, both hot and cold water are available.